Close Your Door Protect Yourself in a Fire

Close Your Door Program in Los Angeles Protecting Yourself in the Event of a Fire

Did you know that closing your door before you go to sleep at night could protect you in the event of a fire? It may seem like a small thing to do to protect yourself and your family, but it can help to stop the spread of fire, giving you precious time.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department Foundation is supporting the Fire Department’s efforts to develop a “Close Your Door” program to educate the community on the importance of closing your door before going to sleep at night. This simple step is a fire safety tip that can save lives.

Slow the Fire

Slow the Spread of Smoke, Heat & Fire. When a fire ignites, there is little time to react. If you are asleep in your room, you may be unaware of a fire until it is too late. A closed door slows the spread of heat, toxic smoke, and fire, improving oxygen levels and giving you more time to react. By closing your door, checking your smoke alarms, and making a fire escape plan, you can protect your family in the event of a fire.

Fire Is Getting Faster

Today, with the prevalence of synthetic materials in construction, furniture, and fabrics, fires spread more quickly than ever before. According to, the average amount of time one had to escape a house fire 40 years ago was 17 minutes. Today, it’s only 3 minutes. Every single second will count.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department is here to create and implement programs that offer fire and life safety training and education to children and adults across LA County. We are excited to add and support the “Close Your Door” program to our fire safety arsenal.