You Can Provide Life-Saving Care Until Help Arrives

Hands-Only CPR Life-Saving Care

Did you know that the majority of survivors of cardiac emergencies are helped by a bystander? By undergoing hands-only CPR training, you could be that bystander. You could administer life-saving care until trained responders arrive on the scene.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department Foundation is committed to supporting and implementing the Hands-Only CPR Initiative, which has as its goal to provide all Los Angeles County employees and citizens with training on this life-saving technique. Dozens of county facilities and venues have already been visited to increase awareness and to teach people the proper steps in a cardiac emergency. Requests for training may be submitted through the Fire Department’s Public Information Office.

What Is Hands-Only CPR?

A cardiac emergency could strike at any time. Understanding a simple technique called hands-only CPR can give a person experiencing a cardiac event precious time until help arrives. It only takes a few minutes to learn and is easy to remember. The American Red Cross has an informative video on hands-only CPR that you can view by clicking here.

With hands-only CPR, you simply administer chest compressions until the person shows obvious signs of lifelike breathing, or until a trained responder can take over. Traditional CPR, which should only be administered if you have been properly trained, involves chest compressions and rescue breaths. Hands-only CPR is a simple and easy-to-remember alternative that can still save lives.

Educating the Community on Hands-Only CPR

At the Los Angeles County Fire Department Foundation, hands-only CPR training is an important part of fire and life safety education programs that we support across Los Angeles County. If you are trained on this simple technique, you could save the life of a person who experiences a cardiac emergency.

It only takes a few minutes for brain damage to occur after the heart stops beating. CPR keeps oxygenated blood flowing to the brain and the other vital organs until a more definitive treatment can be administered to restore a normal heartbeat. Find out more about hands-only CPR and our other programs by calling (323) 8812411today.