Hands-On Experience Safety Training In A Controlled Environment

Fire Safety Town Safety Training In The Making

Children seem to learn best when they have hands-on experience and an understanding of how a subject will apply to their lives. When it comes to fire safety, education and training is made fun, interesting, and effective at Fire Safety Town.To watch the informational video, click here.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department Foundation is securing sponsorship to develop Fire Safety Town, where students and families will have the opportunity to learn a variety of fire and life safety subjects. Fire Safety Town will be a unique 5/8th scale “town” where students will apply real life lessons in a controlled environment with the instruction and oversight of firefighters and trained educational staff.

Safety First

Fire Safety Town is a unique facility that will provide children with the hands-on experience of safety training in a controlled environment. Safety Town is planned to be located adjacent to a Los Angeles County Fire Station and will be developed under Los Angeles County Fire Department Foundation.

It will consist of an educational facility with classrooms including the replica of a kitchen and children’s bedroom to demonstrate in-home safety. As part of the children’s bedroom, a nontoxic smoke generator can be activated for children to experience the conditions of a house full of smoke, which then allow students to practice escaping a burning building while in the safest possible environment. The outdoor 5/8th scale “town” will give students the opportunity to practice many of the lessons they learn in the classroom. The facility will sit on approximately one acre.

Fire Safety Town will serve children of all ages with a particular emphasis on children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Primarily, Safety Town provides field trip opportunities to children from public and private schools within driving distance to Santa Clarita. Public safety educators from the Los Angeles County Fire Department will instruct classes and oversee the hands-on workshops. Safety Town will also serve as a safety training resource for other community organizations. Programs such as Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) and CPR will be hosted within the facility’s classrooms.

Currently, there are over 90 elementary schools in the school districts located within Antelope Valley, La Cañada Flintridge, and Santa Clarita, serving tens of thousands of students. These students, as well as other children and adults in home school groups, neighborhood and community organizations, summer camps, and day care classes, will be able to benefit from the education and training at Fire Safety Town.

The Foundation plans to build additional Safety Towns in other parts of Los Angeles County if the pilot facility and program proves successful.