Experience an Earthquake in a Controlled Environment

Shakey Quakey School House

Living in the Los Angeles area, earthquakes are a real threat. It is important for people of all ages to be educated on how to prepare for an earthquake and what to do when one strikes. Proper earthquake preparedness can prevent serious injuries and deaths.

The Shakey Quakey School House is an earthquake simulator that offers children the opportunity to experience what an earthquake feels like in a controlled environment. Children will learn how to prepare for and stay safe during an earthquake.

The Shakey Quakey School House is free to the public. You can book through the Los Angeles County Fire Department at www.fire.lacounty.gov or call Public Affairs at (323) 8812411.

Are You Prepared?

Each Shakey Quakey School House is trailer-mounted and designed to look like a traditional classroom inside. Each trailer has a chalkboard and real desks and is outfitted with nine seats for children, a seat for an adult, and a wheelchair-accessible seat.

The simulation begins with a short video featuring Yogi Bear and friends, who will describe what the children are about to experience. The trailer shakes, objects (stuffed animals) fall, and children hear the sounds of an earthquake. It is an immersive experience that lets children experience what a powerful earthquake would feel and sound like. The simulation lasts about three minutes, and after it’s done, participants receive an official Yogi Bear earthquake preparedness booklet to take home.

Safety Training with Children in Mind

With children, hands-on experience is typically the best way to provide information they will readily grasp and not soon forget. Living through a simulated earthquake in the Shakey Quakey School House will give a child the tools he or she needs to stay safe during a real earthquake, should one occur. This is just one of the ways the Los Angeles County Fire Department educates the community on disaster preparedness.