Halloween Safety

Halloween is supposed to be a fun night for children across the country to dress up as someone else for the night and gather up as much candy as their buckets and pillowcases can carry. However, as parents, you have to be aware of some of the other aspects of Halloween. Unfortunately, this night for children also carries some danger with it.

Below we will discuss a few of the most important safety tips to remember for the upcoming night of tricks and treats!


Always accompany your young children while they are trick or treating. Kids don’t have as much awareness about safety, especially in a fun and exciting environment like Halloween night they are more likely to wander away from you or wander into someones home. Make sure you keep an eye on them throughout the entire night and don’t let them into other peoples homes unless you are accompanying them or you know the homeowner well.


Don’t let your kids eat the candy they have collected until they get home and you have had the chance to inspect it. Some people have been known to insert sharp objects into the candy which could cause your children's mouths to get cut when they bite into the piece of candy. While your kids might not enjoy the idea of waiting to get home before eating the candy, it is for their safety and protection.


Even if you are not a parent and don’t have anyone trick or treating this Halloween, you still have a responsibility to keep these kids safe. When driving through neighborhoods where kids are trick or treating, make sure that you are staying alert for kids running into the street, and drive slowly so that you can stop if a child does run into the street.

Visit the Los Angeles County Fire Department Foundation website for more information!