Are you a teacher who is interested in finding out more about our fire and life safety education and training programs? We have various educational opportunities for children of all ages, which can help to protect and prepare them in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other emergency situation. From our Shakey Quakey School House earthquake simulator to the proposed Fire Safety Town, we are here to educate children across Los Angeles County.

To learn more, call (323) 881-3037.

Our Values

“Injuries are the most under-recognized public health problems facing the United States today,” according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At the Los Angeles County Fire Department Foundation, our goal is to educate the community not only on fire safety, but on the many safety issues that are also life issues. As such, our goal is to raise awareness of the need for fire and life safety education and to develop the avenues needed to provide that education to the public in coordination with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Together, we can prepare ourselves for the issues that could threaten our safety or the safety of our loved ones.

  • I

    We raise awareness of the need for Fire and Life Safety Education.

  • II

    We are an avenue to coordinate and provide that education in cooperation with the Los Angeles County Fire.

  • III

    We provide a presence at community events to foster support for the Foundation.

  • IV

    We offer support to community sponsored events that fit the purpose of the Foundation.